How do I get started on Wingman?

Simply download the app and invite your single friend. Create their profile and you can start browsing for a good match for them.

Do I have to finish my friend's profile before searching for possible matches?

You do need to begin the profile BUT you can edit it at a later time.

Does my friend have to approve the profile I've created for them before it goes public?

Yes your friend will have to approve what you have said about them..... so be kind :-). ☺

How do I make my friend's profile public?

When your single friend approves what you have written, we will put them in the dating feed so they can be found by others.

How do I remove a friend's profile?

You can delete them within settings.

Can I look for matches for myself?

As a wingman – NO you cannot. AS a single – you can browse but your wingman has to make the introduction.

How to I select a possible match for my single friend?

Firstly you should be in wingman mode for that specific friend. When you find a profile you think might work, simply swipe right on that profile or hit the X button. That person will receive your single friends profile and can decide to say yes or no to the introduction. Your single friend will only be notififed if the person says yes.

If my information private on Wingman?

Yes absolutely - we are very protective of our Wingman community. The only reason we ask for your details is to ensure there is no catfishing and that all users are real.

What if the person I've picked doesn't like my single friend?

If the approached person doesn't like your single friend, they simply decline the invitation. We only notify you and your single friend when someone likes them and has said yes.

How do people I've selected contact my friend?

Once you have made a successful match, they can chat within the app.

I’m single - I want to sign up myself?

Sorry you cannot sign up for yourself – you have to get a friend/wingman to sign you up.

I'm single and see someone I like for myself... how can I make a move?

You cannot make a direct move BUT by using the ‘nudge’ feature – you can nudge your wingman to make the introduction.

Why does Wingman need my phone number?

Your number connects you to your friend but it's important to verify your identity so that Wingman is really safe and secure.

Why do I need to sign in with Facebook?

Facebook enables a really fast sign up, so we have to ask fewer questions of a user - plus with security of FB it helps to keep Wingman safe.

I’m a wingman - Who can see my profile?

As a wingman, you are hidden from the feed - remember it's all about doing good for your single friend.

I’ve written a profile for my friend, but I can’t see it / neither can they. Are we doing something wrong?

This is a slight bug but its being fixed and expect to see an update in the next few days – sorry for that!