Nominations for the Wingman Master Squad

We are a matchmaking app but we appreciate that a Wingman comes in many forms. It may be you. It may be your mom, your bestie or even your dog.  So, explain what it takes to be the ultimate Wingman in a video of not more than 30 seconds.

Are you a great Wingman? Nominate yourself – Tell us in a short (30 seconds or less) video how you are the loyal friend, advocate, or matchmaker who always has your friends’ best interests at heart.  Do you pride yourself on looking out for the people you care about?  Are you a matchmaker who spots just the right person your friend should meet?  If so, tell us what it’s like to be a Wingman in this life—we just might select you for our Master Wingman Squad!

Or nominate the Wingman in your life — tell us in a short video about your incredible friend, family member, or even the dog who always has your back, looks out for you, and makes you happy! We’re certain the dogs will be very enthusiastic about participating!

Prizing – Everybody Wins: 

Everyone who enters by the July 28 deadline will receive a Wingman T-Shirt.  Wingman will select four finalists from all videos submitted, who will receive their choice of an iPhone, top Samsung phone, customized iPhone or iPad.  One Grand Prize Winner will receive a new MacBook Pro. In August, all finalists and the Grand Prize winner will  be invited to record a Wingman Master Class vlog for Wingman’s founder Tina Wilson and her panel of judges who will select  a Master Wingman to appear in a national ad campaign this fall.

How to Submit Nomination:

Simply post a video (not longer than 30 seconds) on Instagram explaining you, or someone you love deserves to be on the Wingman Master Squad.  It’s important to tag @Wingman_app and use #CastMasterWingman for a chance to be considered.

The Wingman global casting call, #CastMasterWingman is open to everybody 18+ globally.  Videos will be accepted until July 28, 2017 @ 11:59 PST. Only videos of 30 seconds in length and less will be considered.

Download our Vlogger Deck Here for more info: